Widex has a long tradition of ground-breaking technology. Explore how our hearing aids, hearing aid accessories and tinnitus management solutions have evolved over the last six decades. 

Take a trip down memory lane with co-founder Erik Westermann
When Christian Tøpholm and I first came up with the idea to begin our own hearing aid company, we never imagined just how big the company would become...

FASHION MINI: a small behind-the-ear hearing aid that, despite its size, still gives hearing aid users the UNIQUE sound.

COM-DEX app is now available in an Apple Watch™ app version. It allows users to discreetly control COM-DEX at the push of a button, right on their wrist.
UNIQUE Family  >                                   

ZEN2GO: a tinnitus management device for all those suffering from tinnitus. It uses Widex’ revolutionary Zen program.

IIC: the ultimate Invisible-in-canal hearing aid with no joined parts or hard edges – a truly invisible solution.
WIDEX SUPER: the world's first receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) super power hearing aid for people with severe to profound hearing loss.
                                      SUPER 440  >                                     

WIDEX BABY440: the world’s first hearing aid designed specifically for babies.

With the new headquarters in 2010, Widex took its passion for advanced engineering and social responsibility one step further. The headquarters in Denmark is completely CO2 neutral. The windmill supplies energy to the building and to the community.
CLEAR440: Widex’ first completely wireless hearing aid.

WidexLink: proprietary wireless technology designed specifically for hearing aids

DEX assistive listening devices: a range of wireless accessories that connect hearing aids to mobile phones, televisions and audio, remote controls and landline phones.
Passion: the world’s smallest Receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid - only 21 mm in diameter.

mind440: the first hearing aid with the revolutionary ZEN tones that help users relax and have been proven to help in managing the effects of tinnitus.

NanoCare: a unique, Widex patented wax guard system that enhances the performance of hearing aids and increases their lifecycle.   
Inteo: the world’s first hearing aid giving users a tailor-made sound experience.
Senso series: the world’s first fully digital In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid – no less than a revolution. In 2005, CNN lists modern, digital hearing aids as one of the top 25 innovations of the past 25 years. 
CAMISHA (Computer aided manufacturing of individual shells for hearing aids): ground-breaking, Widex-patented technology that transforms the way shells, earmoulds and earpieces are made across the entire industry.    
Quattro Q8: the first digitally programmable hearing aid with remote control.

In 1985, Widex received the respected Danish design award, the ID PRIZE, for the world's first in-the-ear hearing aid with the same high technical quality as the best behind-the-ear hearing aids, as well as a ground-breaking design. 

Prime minister Poul Schlüter presented the ID PRIZE to Erik Westermann. Co-founder Christian Tøpholm died after a traffic accident in the same year. It was very much thanks to his great efforts that the Audilens had become such a successful product. 

A young woman in the laboratory. 
Widex 561: Widex’ first hearing aid - an elegant pocket model!

Jeff Loran started work at Widex as a young toolmaker in 1961. He managed to celebrate 40 years at Widex before saying goodbye to begin his retirement.

"Christian Tøpholm often came past to talk about some of the things we were doing. It meant a lot to us to be visited by a director someone who, like us, was interested in technology and the various new models," Jeff Loran recalls.  

An American dispenser in Ohio in the 1960's used a Mini as an eye-catcher.

On the sign it said: "If you think this car is small, you should see our new hearing aids." 
WIDEX UNIQUE: the new hearing aid series which takes digital processing to a new level to capture more sound than any other hearing aid on the market.

COM-DEX: a new stylish, hands-free communication accessory that streams high-quality sound from mobile phones to hearing aids.

CROS FUSION: a smaller and more discreet solution for single-sided deafness, CROS FUSION uses three times less battery power than other wireless CROS solutions.

FASHION POWER: a new power BTE designed to provide powerful audibility without compromising sound.
WIDEX EASYWEAR: a revolutionary new wire and receiver ear-tip solution for RIC/RITE hearing aids.

DREAM CIC MICRO: an ultra-small completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid for the ultimate in discretion.

UNI-DEX: a neck-worn plug and play device that streams audio from mobile phones (or any device with a jack input) to hearing aids.

WIDEX CROS: designed for people with single-sided deafness, CROS transmits sounds wirelessly from the user’s deaf ear to the better ear.

WIDEX DREAM: a new family of hearing aids with the absolute latest in advanced hearing aid technology. DREAM sets nothing less than a new standard in hearing aid performance.

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