WIDEX UNIQUE REVIEW: “A massive advance on my old hearing aids”

We love getting hearing aid reviews from our customers! Here is the latest Widex UNIQUE hearing aid review from a happy customer in the United Kingdom.
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Martin gives Widex UNIQUE a 9.75/10

Just a brief email to say how delighted I am with my new hearing aids you supplied and fitted.

The Widex UNIQUE 440 is indeed a massive advance on my old hearing aids and the wind noise reduction element works a treat, and thanks to the custom made ear moulds they’re very comfortable, even to wear all day. The way that they keep analysing the sounds around you and keep changing to give you the best listening experience possible is amazing and doesn’t cause any issues. The functions that you programmed into them all work well.

You also supplied a TV-DEX which was easy to fit and the TV sound now presents itself directly to my aids, although other people in the room can still hear it, this means I can have a volume that suits me or even mute the sound from the TV so that it’s not disturbing anyone else. There was also a PHONE-DEX which was just a matter of plug and play this interacts with my aids and streams the sound from the phone direct into them it just has to be within 30 centimetres to work which virtually means you can have a conversation hands free.

A COM DEX came next and this connects to my mobile phone via Bluetooth, meaning I can make and receive calls hands free with the audio streamed to my AIDS. There is an app available for COM DEX, both for iPhone and android. This enables you to make adjustments to various functions of your hearing aids including volume and programmes. I have downloaded it and now use my iPhone to control my aids.

However I cannot find it on the App Store for my iPad, from which I was hoping to stream music, maybe it’s because the hearing aids are so new to market, perhaps you could get back to me on that one? Lastly you supplied an RC DEX a remote control which is a vital piece of equipment as the unique 440 has no volume controls and the remote, and the COM DEX both provide this facility. This I would say is it’s only failing.

If Widex had managed to find room for a volume control it would have made the RC DEX redundant, along with the app for the COM DEX. To sum up I would give the Widex UNIQUE 440 a 9.75/10. It would have been 10 out of 10 if they had included volume controls

Once again thanks to you and all the team at Hear4u for your help and professionalism.


Martin Oakes.

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