Are you taking advantage of all your options for remote hearing care?

Published 23-10-2020
Last Updated23-10-2020

With or without a pandemic, remote hearing care is here to stay. A busy schedule, illness or distance can all make it challenging to visit your hearing care professional as often as you should. Check out these convenient ways to optimise your hearing anywhere.
No matter what hearing aid you have, chances are you occasionally think it could use some fine-tuning. But it's hard to find the time to pop by the clinic for an adjustment.

More and more hearing care professionals are offering a variety of remote options as a supplement to their in-clinic services. See whether you're getting the convenience you deserve here.

Real-time help - anywhere!

With WIDEX REMOTE CARE™, for example, you can get real-time hearing support from your hearing care professional on the spot.

All you need is a smartphone, the free WIDEX REMOTE CARE smartphone app and a WIDEX REMOTE LINK device. Your hearing care professional will take care of the rest.

And rest assured - the advanced software used for our remote care solution is the same as in the clinic.

Apps can empower you

Smartphone apps are another key part of remote hearing care. They can enable you to improve your hearing in everyday, real-life situations - without having to involve your hearing care professional. 

Widex apps range from giving you basic control to offering super high-tech features. All are easy to use. 

The free ToneLink™ app, for example, lets you simply and discreetly control key functions such as adjusting volume or changing hearing aid programs. It works with all Widex hearing aids.

At the other end of the spectrum are the advanced WIDEX MOMENT™ app  and WIDEX EVOKE™ app - also free and intuitive to use. They offer a wide range of features that let you truly personalise your hearing aid sound. Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it simple to improve your hearing experience. 

It learns how YOU want to hear

One unique feature of Widex hearing solutions is SoundSense Learn. Found in both the WIDEX MOMENT™ and WIDEX EVOKE™ apps, SoundSense Learn helps you adjust the sound exactly as you want it. And thanks to AI, it's an easy and fast fix.

Through a series of A-B comparisons of sound settings (see photo), you simply indicate what sounds best. Then, the automatic AI algorithms use your input in real time to predict the settings you want in that specific situation.

You can choose to save the result you decide on as a personal program to use later.

Screenshot of SoundSense Learn A-B comparison in the WIDEX MOMENT™ app.

In a survey of users, 72% said that they were able to improve a listening situation with SoundSense Learn. And 80% said they would recommend the feature to others.

Like to learn more?

Your hearing care professional can tell you about their remote care options. You're also welcome to reach out to us. 

Widex is committed to delivering the most natural and personalised sound experience, even when a face-to-face clinic appointment is not possible. 

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