There are two types of hearing aids available: those that fit behind the ear and those that fit in the ear.

Which hearing aid is just right for you depends on your lifestyle, ear shape and listening needs. Explore your hearing aid options by choosing a model below.
  • Small and discreet

  • Easy to handle

  • Made to fit your ear

  • Mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Powerful sound

  • Easy-to-use controls

  • Color personalization

  • Moderate to severe hearing loss
Comparing hearing aid types & styles
There are many different types of hearing aids, which vary from a behind-the-ear (BTE) model, where the electronic components are mounted in a compartment which fits behind the ear, to smaller canal models, where the electronic components are mounted in a molded shell, that is customized to, fit in the ear canal.

For those hearing aid users who prefer an invisible solution, the invisible-in-canal hearing aid (IIC) can be the right hearing aid style. Because of its unique hearing aid size, the invisible-in-canal hearing aid type of hearing aid may not suit everyone, but you can be assured that other hearing aid types from Widex will.

The choice of hearing aid style will also depend on characteristics that are unique to you and your environment. Your hearing care professional will advise you regarding the pros and cons of certain hearing aid types for you.

Many hearing aid types are available in a wide range of bright colors, as well as less noticeable colors, blending in with your skin or hair color. Widex offers hearing aids that matches everyones style. Choose the color of your personality. Depending on the type of hearing aid, you can choose up to 14 different colors – from Warm beige to Metallic blue. 

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