Widex Evoke app personal sound faster

The market's leading AI engine speeds up personalisation of sound to hearing aid users

Delivering on the WIDEX EVOKE™ promise for a smarter tomorrow, WIDEX is ready with its second generation of the real-time AI feature SoundSense Learn to improve and personalise sound 25% faster.  
WIDEX EVOKE continues to improve on being “intelligent today, smarter tomorrow”, just like Widex promised at launch nine months ago. Today WIDEX is the only company to offer an AI solution that allows users to improve their hearing aid sound in the moment based on their own listening intentions. The second generation AI feature is made possible by the thousands of WIDEX EVOKE users who have trained their hearings aids to provide an even better and more personalised sound.

WIDEX EVOKE was the first hearing aid to use Machine Learning, an advanced form of AI, to deliver a truly personalised sound in the moment by letting users create their personal listening programs in real time via SoundSense Learn. Widex receives the anonymized input from every user, collects it in the cloud, and then Widex experts analyse it to create better sound for other users. 
It’s because of this data that the AI system is now 25% faster, benefitting both existing and new users. While optimizing the sound to personal preferences faster, the new interface also shows users, in real-time, how quickly it’s finding the best personal sound experience. Widex has patented the real-time technology behind this interface. This new intuitive interface is designed to engage and encourage users.

“Only 9 months after launching WIDEX EVOKE, our focus on delivering innovation to WIDEX EVOKE users is showing great results. Today, 94% of users already prefer the WIDEX EVOKE sound in challenging environments – and now we’re making sure SoundSense Learn users can get to their personalised sound experience even faster and more efficiently. And it’s all thanks to the SoundSense Learn users around the world” says CEO Jørgen Jensen. 

With more input from users around the world, Widex will continue the quest for a smarter tomorrow where the AI-driven SoundSense Learn will help not only users, but also hearing care professionals converge towards perfected hearing. 

Users can get the new benefits by upgrading their WIDEX EVOKE app today, a feature that only Widex hearing aids offer. 

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